I’ve just got back from beautiful Mexico with my family!!
We stayed at Playacar Palace resort in Playa del Carmen, which is a gorgeous part of the country, about 45 mins from Cancún.
We travelled with Virgin and the 11 hour journey didn’t seem that bad in a spacious premium economy seat -which was a first for me- and i have to say, the food, the seats, and the entertainment system was so worth it! Not to mention the short queues at the airport, ourselves and the bags off and on first. As we were on a 747 we had to go upstairs on the plane which was exciting! (I’m a small pleasures kinda girl) I settled onto the plane with a glass of cava and some kimmy k gossip.


I finally got to watch the Hunger Games on the plane too. Eating dinner off real plates and having real knives and forks was so nice, didn’t seem like we were on a plane at all.

Our hotel was so pretty, it has a bar in the pool, its own beach 10ft away from the pool and a spa… I didn’t feel like going for dinner the first night so I stayed in the hotel room and ordered room service and watched ‘los simpsons’. The room had a gorgeous view over the beach and it’s own jacuzzi. There were even optics inside a cupboard..

There are 3 restaurants in the hotel, an Italian an asian style and a Mexican style buffet that changes every night.. The best thing are the cocktails, I’ve been drinking a lot of mojitos and Bloody Marys by the pool, and my weight in nachos.


These are a few of the outfits me and my sister wore:

We’ve mainly been chilling by the pool getting our tans on, but we went to the local shopping area which was right next to the hotel. It had a mix of high end high street shops, and then completely opposite, little traditional gift shops, where i got a Mexican candy skull and of course added to my collection of shot glasses.

Day of the Dead decorations

We even made some cute friends:

One of the best things we did was a day snorkelling. We went to 3 different areas, first was an ocean outlet where we saw lots of fish, a stingray and a sea turtle. Next was a lagoon where I got a real life fish pedicure, did a zip wire off a cliff into the water and swam alongside the fish. The water was really deep and so clear it was so beautiful. The next part was in an underwater cave, it was cold and dark and there were bats flying over our heads and there were stalagmites all around us. Underwater you could see it went down really deep and there were creepy dark corners, the water was also freezing cold as it got no light so it was pretty much the grimmest thing I have ever experienced. After we were given some traditional mexican lunch and taken back to our hotel.

We had to visit the spa while we were here, and luckily the golf course was on the same site so us girls went for a massage while my dad played some golf with the pro there. We had a Thai herbal massage and enjoyed miniature ladies rubbing bags of warm herbs all over us, which after it stopped being funny, was very relaxing. Me and my sister decided to go for the ‘couples massage’ option. Thank god its easy to stifle giggles with your face stuck in a hole. After the massage there was a water therapy room with a circuit of saunas, steam room, showers etc. It was our lucky day as there was Mexican woman who followed us round, passing us towels, telling us when to shower and how, when to get out the sauna, and it quickly became very annoying and to my sister very very funny. I should mention that she did work at the spa. And she had a moustache. (Surely an upper lip wax would be free?!)
We went back a second time for facials and they were lovely too and much needed after all my pores being clogged up by suncream.


We planned to go to Wet n Wild in the second week but there was a hurricane a brewin’. Yep Hurricane Ernesto tried (in vain) to ruin our holiday, but little did he know that when the weather gets bad, we shop. I bought a Mexican Vogue and Glamour to get me through. Luckily it only lasted for two days. During these two days the hotel went into lockdown ensuring all the balcony furniture was brought inside and pulling the metal shutters over all the windows.. “Luckily” where we were it just rained. A lot.

So for the second time we ventured out to Wet n Wild… It was cloudy when we left Playa del Carmen but boiling hot when we got to Cancun. We all got burnt, I was Rudolf the red nosed reindeer with my little pink elf of a sister. The rides were really good and we had a fantastic day, a waterpark is always a must on holiday!

Wave Pool!

The last few days we made the most of the sunshine and me and Georgia got to do something exciting.. Parasailing!
First we had to get a jet ski from the beach to the boat, this was the scariest part, especially as our Machete lookalike driver (you know the uncle off Spy Kids) kept mistaking my ‘omg I’m going to die’ screams for ‘yeah go faster’. I was holding on to him so tight he was practically on my lap. When we got to the boat in the ocean we had to scramble on (while it was still moving), then we got strapped up and lifted off. The view was so beautiful and it was so peaceful up there compared to the boat being bashed about by the waves. I was, honestly, terrified for the first five minutes, Georgia kept swinging around and screaming and waving and I was clinging on for my precious life because I WAS GOING TO DIE. Then she pulled my bikini bottoms down and I got a wolf whistle from the beach so i calmed down a bit. The lil joker aside, it was fantastic, the sun was setting and the view over the beaches and the jungle was gorgeous. Its something I’ve always wanted to do and I’d love to do it again.

Back in England again now.. Missing it already! Now time to start repacking to move to Barcelona…

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