Packing my life into 50kg

It’s so strange that the thing ive been talking about for years is actually happening right now. Its a really scary thing that something that has and will affect my life is in progress, and I know it’ll go so fast. The last week however has gone pretty slowly, organising viewings for potential apartments, checking in flights online, spending hours trawling google maps and making lists. Lots and lots of lists.
This week has been quite eventful I suppose, my sister getting fabulous GSCE results (very proud), aunty from LA visiting, big meal out with australian relatives, saying goodbye to people and having my last Yo! Sushi for a very long time! This week has been a strange countdown and now im in my comfy big bed, having just eaten my last lovely breakfast, a proper cup of tea and eggs from my own chickens, home comforts I know I’ll miss. A cheeky ‘schnug’ from my sister, something I will definitely miss.

I’ve been telling myself that it will be that good that I wont miss anything, I’ll be too busy in fact to even think about all the things I’m missing because it will be that amazing.. I just hope it lives up to expectations. Scared to death, crazily excited and stressing that I’ve only packed 2 pairs of heels! My whole life has been packed into two and a half suitcases, weighing exactly 50kg and I think (i hope) I’m ready.

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