Week 1

I have been in Barcelona for a week now and it has been a lot less stressful than I had thought, although it hasn’t been problem free. Having my mom here for support was so comforting and im so glad she came with me (not just to buy me nice dinner and bring an extra 20kg). Luckily my mother is very relaxed/ lazy and i was able to drag her around through my well planned itinerary. Flat hunting was ridiculously tiring but gave me a great oppurtunity to see all areas of the city and travel through various metro lines and try and find my way on the other end. This didnt always go to plan however as Barcelona is made up of blocks I often ended up reading the map upside down and going the wrong way.

I saw loads of great flats and I could have moved into any of them, but along with a lot of pros came one or two niggling cons that just didnt feel right, either the people living there were not a great match or the location was a bit tricky to get to, or even just that the room itself was too small (despite having a swimming pool). At this point, feeling a bit lost and very stressed I had been to see all of the flats i had appointments for and my mom was travelling back to England. So frantically I kept looking through the websites and checking my emails and eventually I found my lucky number 6. Arranging the viewing happened very quickly and the fact I was getting desperate probably made the difference between bothering to walk there in the rain or just settling with an ok flat that I had already seen. I had a gut feeling it would be good and I was so right.

My requirements were:
-To live with Spanish people of a similar age, Catalan speakers if possible
-Easy to get to and close to the city centre
-Decent sized flat with a big enough room (and wardrobe) for my stuff

Lucky me, that’s exactly what I’ve found. My roomate (just one at the moment) is so lovely and welcoming, and we have loads in common and hes already got me hanging out with his friends which is really sweet. The other is returning from her holiday next week so i look forward to getting to know her as well.

I’m having such a great time so far and i can just tell this year will be fantastic!

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