La Mercé



I don’t know exactly what La Mercé is, but for me it means a day off Uni and a free concert.
This weekend friends from Birmingham University came to visit from their ERASMUS cities in Spain and I finally got to do some touristy activities!

Tapas and beer

The night they arrived we went to Moritz for some tapas and beer, it’s a restaurant in the old beer factory and apart from a great setting, the food is delicious and great value for money.

The next day, we went to Parc Guell, one of my favourite places. I’m totally obsessed with Gaudi and it always feels so special to me, and incredible to see so much detail on such a grand scale. The worst thing is that it is Barcelona and a popular tourist place and it is always very busy, especially on a nice sunny day.

Spectacular views over Barcelona

The next day, after a night out in Terrassa with another friend from Birmingham, we went to a concert put on for free for La Mercé, there were two Spanish bands and the headliners were the Kooks who were really good live and the atmostphere was great. It was infront of the Estrella Damm beer factory, and we went there via La Sagrada Familia. I always love seeing it, as every time you visit a little bit more has been built on. It should be finished in 2020 and I absolutely can’t wait to see the final building.

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