Rule Britannia

I’m not feeling homesick or down about being away from home and friends, there are just things missing here that I’m very fond of. As much as i adore Barcelona and my new friends here, I can’t wait to get back at Christmas!

1. A Sunday roast.

This is what inspired me to write this post first and foremost. I think Brits all over the world at some point in their life crave a Sunday roast, and can’t go a week without having one. It’s more than just a meal it’s what it represents. Relaxing with family, comfort and warmth, that snuggly Sunday feeling. My favourite would have to be pork with stuffing, with chicken coming at a close second, followed by lamb the way my mom makes it, glazed with redcurrant jelly. Mash and roasties, lots of gravy and always always a yorkshire pudding. I’m struggling to find the right meat here to recreate a roast (I’m guessing that buying a whole chicken is a strange concept from the looks I’ve received) and even with a substitute type of meat the gravy wouldn’t be right and then you might as well just forget the whole thing. Some form of pudding is always a treat, I would kill for a crumble or bread and butter pudding right now! Definitely going to make those at some point!

2. Speaking English without feeling guilty.

I’m not speaking a great deal of Spanish and I feel terrible about it, it’s like a bad habit!

3. Tv

Having to catch up on things online is a real pain, having a summer of sky+ was something I really took for granted. BBC iPlayer and 4oD don’t work outside the UK so I’m having to scour the internet for Made in Chelsea, Towie and all my Sky Living and E! programs. At the moment I’m also watching New Girl, 90210, How i met your mother, Big Bang theory and Modern Family as their new series have recently started to air, and yes I do have a lot of time on my hands.

4. Chinese Takeaway

Chinese Takeaway.Chinese Takeaway.Chinese Takeaway.Chinese Takeaway.Chinese Takeaway.Chinese Takeaway.Chinese Takeaway. CHINESE TAKEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Politeness (maybe)

Here I’m considered rude as I don’t say hello to every single person or automatically kiss them, yet the pleases and thank you’s are always few and far between. It’s the complete opposite in the UK, not sure which I prefer really! It took some getting used to relinquishing my personal space.

6. Shropshire

Eating eggs collected from my own chickens that very morning, being surrounded by greenery and seeing my dad on his tractor are absolute delights that I really love about home. Living here is fantastic but I really do miss getting out of the city for a weekend in the lovely countryside.

7. Driving

My car has been declared off the road and I now own a transport pass… for public transport. Yes actual public transport. I get a metro and a train everyday. Which I actually enjoy, as you can read/ facebook/ text etc, something you can’t do whilst driving, but, I still miss it. Having the freedom just to get in your car on your own and pop off somewhere for a bit is heaven, and of course the fun of being able to sing as loud and as terrible as you like.

8. The Weather

Yes I know this a very strange one, I’m in Spain the weathers much better than in England right? Well, in England if it rains, it’s normal, were used to it and its cold. When it rains here it’s hot, and it absolutely buckets it down, no light showers. The fact that it’s Spain and it just shouldn’t rain adds insult to injury.

9. The way people dress

I’ve mentioned this on a previous post but it really is a big deal to me. People scrub up well in the UK. The majority make a massive effort with the way they look, and take pride in their appearance. Here it really doesn’t matter. The spiritual side to me wants to think it’s better as its what’s on the inside that counts, right? I’d rather be beautiful inside and out thank you.

10. British Sense of humour.

Sarcasm, wit, anti-jokes, harsh ‘banter’. These things do not exist here. Neither me or my Spanish friends level of language is quite good enough for word puns yet either. Watched a whole episode of Peep show for the response ‘what?’. It’s killing me. My spanish friends did however come round to this video which is making a valiant comeback:

Of course I’m missing my lovely family and friends too… I’m currently awaiting a visit from my mom and sister, and then in a month my lovely friend Alice who is also on her Year Abroad in another part of Spain. Facebook and Skype have been vital in keeping in touch but with term in full swing now this is still hard as everybody is busy. Missing everybody lots and I can’t wait for the Naiks to be fully reunited at Christmas and for more visits from friends next term!

One thought on “Rule Britannia

  1. Well I think you are all amazing going to live in another country for a bit. If it helps you appreciate home that can’t be bad and maybe you will find similarities as well. I hope you are enjoying it and yes I bet Xmas will be doubly sweet! 🙂


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