Easy peasy winter warmer soupy woupy!


I’ve had a poorly boy to look after so I thought it was the perfect time to make a yummy soup while the weather is still horridious

It was the most simple thing ever and the first soup I’ve ever made and I just completely improvised based on what I saw in the supermarket
I guessed measurements because I really don’t think it matters for a soup as long as you get a good balance of flavours and textures

I used about 5 carrots and a 500g portion of pumpkin I found in the supermercat. With carrot, any starchy orange veg will be nice, think butternut squash etc
I roasted the veg because it makes it sweeter and then makes for a thicker consistency later on
I chopped them into chunks, pumpkin pieces slightly bigger as it cooks faster
I then added a whole white medium onion chopped into big slices as this obviously cooks much faster
I drizzled with honey and nice olive oil and added some chilli flakes for warmth and some salt to season


It went in the oven at 200 Celsius for about an hour or just whenever all the veg is soft (It should be slightly breaking apart and juicy in the tin)
It smelled so fab!
I then added it to a large saucepan, blitzed it and added a glass of chicken stock and some pre-prepared coriander paste (the one in the tube) but if I could have got fresh I would have


There you go easy peasy soup! Any idiot can do it (including me)

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