March round-up!

What I’ve been doing:

This month began visiting friends in Andalucia! Lots of fun and lovely food!


What I’ve been buying:

Stack rings that I bought individually on Etsy from various independant bespoke jewellers. I love wearing big statement rings but as all mine are high street ones they tarnish quickly and turn my finger green. Boo. I’ve liked the idea of stack rings for a while but never really found any on the high street for me. I discovered Etsy through my new pinterest account (NatalieNaik) and decided it was time to get some serious statement jewellery that I could wear everyday. Mine are all sterling silver and handmade and although they cost significantly more than any high street jewellery I have ever bought, I’m so happy with them, I love that they’re unique and can’t wait to add more to my collection and mix and match. I love the turquoise and labradorite stones and the mother of pearl as I wear a lot of these colours in the spring/summer. They’re so dainty and pretty yet still make a statement which I think is perfect!

How great are these boots from Zara? I popped into the new store in Barcelona just to see what it was like and I saw them out of the corner of my eye. They’re not for everyone… a bit too jazzy maybe. They’re an obvious copy of Isabel Marant’s style, who is the queen of boots (she designed the original wedge trainer) and the best part? They were €8 in the sale!

This iridescent clutch bag from H&M is just amazing. The camera can’t even capture how amazing the colour is. It looks gold, then neon yellow and orange, then mermaid blue and greens. It’s a very simple shape, A4 size and one zip at the top, no interior pockets or sections. It was a bit pricey at £20 considering how simple it is, but its so unique I had to buy it!

What I’ve been watching:

Girls- So many people have been talking about this, so on a free Saturday I decided to give it a go, and now I’m addicted like everyone else. It’s funny, not in a laugh out loud way but a ‘oh dear- I’ve been there’ way. I can relate to all the characters at some point and the stupid mistakes they make. It’s embarrassing and cringingly realistic, so therefore fantastic.

What I’ve been cooking:

Hello Indian feast for 2! All homemade from scratch!

1. Meat samosa, onion bhaji and raita 2. Chicken Korma

Here’s my recipe for a simple curry that can be easily adapted to make it any type of curry you like! It’s my adaptation based on what I’ve been taught and have learnt. It’s two generous portions.

1 tbsp of garam masala powder, 2 tsbp cumin powder mixed with oil to make a loose paste. Add 2 chicken breasts chopped into pieces to marinade for 30 minutes.

1 big white onion sliced into very thin strips (for texture) and 3 garlic cloves chopped finely. Fry in a small amount of butter and oil. Add lots of salt, this helps the water release from the onions. When soft and slightly brown add 1 tbsp of spicy paprika, 1 tsbp cumin powder and 1 tbsp of garam masala powder. This will make it very flavoursome with a bit of warmth but not spicy. Stir until it becomes really fragrant and it should go quite dry. Then add a pint of water and simmer down until you are left with onion in a bit of thick liquid.

Fry the chicken separately on a very high heat so that the outsides brown quickly and the spices even get a bit crunchy. The inside may be raw but that’s fine at this stage. Add the browned meat into the onion mix and stir. At this point you need to decide what kind of curry you want. For a rogan josh style add a handful of whole cherry tomatoes and a tin of sieved tomatoes and simmer down. For a tikka masala add a can of sieved tomatoes and good amount of plain greek yoghurt until you feel the balance is right. For a korma add a can of coconut milk and a handful of chopped coconut. These are just the variations that I make, and they’re not exact recipes in any way but I can assure they taste great.

You then need to let everything cook down on a low heat for about an hour, until it goes thick and the colour gets richer. Taste it and decide what you need to add to balance it out. I always add 1 tbsp of sugar (trust me) and more salt. Often a squeeze of lime adds a nice tang and I always finish with chopped coriander for freshness! Of course you can use any type of meat or vegetable that you want, just bear in mind the way in which you would need to prepare it so that it would cook just right (not under and not falling apart) by the end process.

What I’m looking forward to:
Next week it’s Semana Santa! That means a week off Uni yay! Were going to my boyfriends hometown and were going celebrate his birthday with friends, it should be lots of fun!
At the end of April I’m going back to England! It’s my sisters birthday so a great excuse to go home for a long weekend, and I’m taking my boyfriend with me. I’m so excited to see all my family again and we have lots of fun things planned. Me and my sister and mom are going to see Beyonce yay!

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