Weekend in the country

Last weekend I went back to England to spend a long weekend with my family for my sister’s birthday. I took my boyfriend from Barcelona and we had such an amazing time!

The day before our flight was ‘Sant Jordi’ (the same as Saint George in England) and although the story, the flag and the images of a knight and dragon are identical, in Catalonia it is actually a day of celebration. It is supposed to be like Valentines day in Catalonia and the tradition is for the men to buy roses for the women and the women to buy books for the men. It was lovely to see that everybody actually stuck to this and men and women were walking around all day carrying roses for their loved ones! Me and Alguer spent the day in his home town of Reus, about an hour away from Barcelona. The streets were filled with rose and book vendors and there was a lovely atmosphere in the beautiful quaint town. As it started to go from afternoon to evening, the plaça became the location for some incredible Catalonia traditions, that I was lucky to see for the first time. First was the Castells, a terrifying tradition of making human castles, the pictures speak for themselves:

With all the health and safety restrictions this would never happen in England. It was pretty amazing and those tiny kids are so brave! What was lovely was the reaction of the crowds, everybody clapping and cheering them on.

Next came out the dragons. There were three different dragons, first a small version, then the daddy dragon and then the scary mommy dragon. They were large hard shell costumes that went over a persons torso with firecrackers and fireworks attached all over. This was scary too as I was definitely not a safe 25m away… It was very impressive and everybody really seemed to enjoy it.

_MG_0138 _MG_0150 _MG_0167 _MG_0177

The next morning we travelled Reus- Birmingham and then made the most of the day, shopping, eating Yo! Sushi and Krispy Kremes. I loved showing Alguer around my tiny little village at home and we went for a quick country walk and it was lovely to be in such a quiet and beautiful place again.


Me and my sister are huge Iron Man fans so we went to see one of the advanced previews. I absolutely love RDJ and this film is fantastic, probably the best.

One of the absolute highlights was going to see Beyonce with my sister. It was the best concert I’ve ever been to, she is just incredible.

IMG_5338 IMG_5337

Me and my sister got the train there as Birmingham is about an hour away from my house and just as we were about to get off the train we realised we hadn’t got the frigging tickets. Luckily we have a very lovely daddy who drove all the way up to bring them. We felt pretty stupid, but despite this managed to get in with plenty of time and got quite near the front, although I am far too short and could only really see her on my tippy toes. I had an amazing night just dancing and singing along with my lil G.

The next day we all went to a little town near our house called Shrewsbury, full of old buildings and cute little boutiques to show Alguer. The sun peeked out for a few hours too which was lovely!
In the evening we had reservations at a Michelin star restaurant called Simpsons in Birmingham. It was a big old house with beautiful wall mouldings and high ceilings. We first sat and had a cocktail and read the menu and we all went for the tasting menu, which is about 7 small courses put together by the chef to showcase his best dishes. It absolutely delicious as I expected, my favourite courses were a crispy duck egg yolk with smoked salmon, braised ox cheek and a wild garlic volute with a goats cheese foam. So far I have tried 3 different Michelin restaurants and me and my family all agree that La Becasse in Ludlow is the best we have tried. Hopefully I can get a table for my 21st this summer!

The next day we packed up and after a lovely roast dinner and apple crumble headed back to Barcelona! See you soon Shropshire!

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