My little visitor and some naughty shopping


I have had a fantastic few days in Barcelona!
On Saturday evening I went out with some friends from my course, also on their Erasmus year who had come over for the weekend. We went to a random German bar in the suburbs of Barcelona to watch a football thing, both teams were German and they were serving litres of beer and pints of chips. Football isn’t really my thing but the atmosphere in the bar was so much fun and I found myself cheering for the yellow team by the end! Yay sports. Later on we went to a few bars near La Rambla, the boys are very silly and always make me laugh a lot. Shout out to Felix if you’re reading this time…

IMG_5604 IMG_5610

My little sister made a spontaneous decision on Friday night to book some flights and come over to see me for the first half of her half-term!
On Sunday night I went to pick her up from the airport and then we went to my favourite Japanese restaurant Watatsumi for dinner. I had salmon sashimi and spicy tuni hosomaki rolls.. yum yum. Georgia and Alguer my boyfriend had chicken yakisoba noodles and we all shared some mochi for pudding.

The next day went shopping and I did some damage.


I decided it was time to try out a powder foundation as it has started to get hot here and the combination of my skin and my liquid foundation (although brilliant normally) can go a bit shiny in patches during hot weather and I don’t want to be powdering my face down all day and adding unecessary cakey layers. I looked online for good reviews and the Bobbi Brown ‘Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup SPF 15’ sounded amazing, just what I was after. This powder is like very light veil over the skin and makes it look like you are wearing no makeup at all. You can layer it to add coverage but it still looks natural and not at all matte and cakey. I was very impressed when the makeup artist tried it on me in store so I decided to splash out. It is a little expensive but I think the base is the most important part of makeup and the pot should last me a very long time. I wore it all day shopping and it still looked great when I got home and have used it 3 times since. I would recommend it to anyone who has normal or combination/oily skin who is looking for a light and long lasting coverage.  The only downside (and there is only one) is that it is SPF15… any makeup with SPF means that it gives flashback on photos, making you look totally washed out and scary so I will avoid using it for any occasions I know I will have my photo taken! If you will be in the sun you need to wear real sun protection to protect your skin as makeup really isn’t enough alone.


When the makeup artist at Bobbi Brown applied this he also used the brightening concealer under my eyes and I loved it, he used a tiny amount but I have never seen such an impact. Dark circles is something I worry about and nothing seems to be doing the trick and I have tried everything! So I got talked into buying this and I am also very happy with this product too. As I had spent a silly amount the makeup artist offered to put a bit of makeup on Georgia as a little treat and decided that putting a bright pink lipstick and neon blush all over her face was a great way of saying thanks for his commission. It was a bit drag-glam and of course being great quality it lasted all day! That’s what happens when you let a little Spanish diva do your makeup.


On a makeup spree I went over to MAC to get the famous Russian Red which is a lovely dark matte red. This is meant to stay on for hours through meals and drinks so I decided after my last red lipstick was too creamy and slippery it was time to make the most of the 10% foreigners discount.


Later we went around the usual shops and I got this lovely nude clutch and ring from H&M.


The next day (as Georgia is highly adverse to cultural sightseeing) I took her to the Zoo! The weather was awful and we just escaped the rain as we left.

The morning of her flight home we went for some mandatory churros and cafe con leche. Missing her already!

Next week I have my final exams and then my University gals are coming to visit… exciting couple of weeks left in Barcelona but it’s going far too quickly 😦

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