Summer quiche recipe!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hated quiche as a child and only came round to it when I tried my first home made one, courtesy of my mom last year, as she wanted to use our chickens’ eggs up. It was so delicious and SO easy it made me question why people ever bother to buy those disgusting flabby supermarket ones. A child could make this, there are no measurements and it only takes 5 minutes to prepare and about 30 minutes to cook.
It’s great warm and cold and the perfect summer lunch with a bit of salad, to share or just to eat yourself as it lasts well in the fridge and can be frozen. It’s not the unhealthiest thing you can eat either.
Here is my recipe for a Broccoli and Goats cheese quiche but you can make any flavour you like… I will give alternatives and explain how to make them at the end.


Sheet of pre-made pastry (my preference is filo but the classic is shortcrust)
4 eggs
2 cups of milk
A small head of broccoli
A cup of crumbled goats cheese (or as much as you like)
A quarter of an onion fried until golden
Salt and pepper

Firstly put your pastry into an appropriate tin. Just find one that is a little bit deep, round or square, or you can cut into pieces to fit a muffin tin and make individuals!
Stab the bottom of the pastry with a fork and put into an oven at 200 degrees (Celsius) for about 10 minutes until the pastry looks dry but not brown.
While it’s in the oven you can prepare the other ingredients, fry the onion and crumble the goats cheese into small chunks so that you can distribute it well. Chop the broccoli into tiny trees and cook for about 4 minutes so you still have a bit of crunch, then dry thoroughly.
In a bowl mix up your eggs and add the milk and the seasoning. It’s about half a cup of milk (if you aren’t sure google how big a cup is- I use an empty nutella jar) to a large egg.
Place the ingredients around the bottom of the pastry in the tin and then pour over the egg mix.
If your tin isn’t very big then make accordingly, you can just make one egg mix at a time and then fill until it looks about right.
Put back in the oven with foil over for 15 minutes and then take off the foil and cook for a further 10-20 minutes, depending on the size. It’s ready when it stops wobbling and looks nicely golden brown.


I made mine with broccoli and goats cheese which was yummy but you can make any flavour, as long as you keep the basic recipe principle the same. Goats cheese is lovely as it keeps it shape but goes gooey and browns on the top which looks really appetising, asparagus or spinach in place of broccoli is wonderful and bacon always goes down well.
The idea is to have everything cooked before it goes in the quiche, so any vegetables or meat need to be cooked how you like them (e.g. crispy bacon) before you pour the egg mix over.


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