What I learnt from my dad


1. Take pride in your appearance.
Even if we were just slumming about the house as a child my dad would always make me get up, put some decent clothes on and brush my hair. He always wanted us to look our best and present ourselves well. Still to this day that is a very important lesson and something ingrained in me for life. My dad looks for the best in everything, another thing I have learnt is that having high standards is not a bad thing, don’t settle for second best when first is so close.

2. Find something funny in everything.
My dad can make me laugh more than anybody and he will make a joke out of any situation. Often when its very inappropriate. That is probably where I got my harsh, cut-throat sense of humour, but being able to be silly and not take yourself too seriously is one of the best qualities to have.

3. You reap the benefits of hard work.
My dad is incredibly hardworking and I have so much respect for what he has achieved. He is a real life example that you get out of life what you put in.

4. The sky is the limit.
My dad is a real inspiration to me and I think anyone who knows me understands that. I know based on his own experiences that there is no such thing impossible and he has always told me I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it… and I actually believe him.

5. Family is the most important thing.
My dad is such a family man and that is something that has definitely passed down to me and my sister. We love spending time together, experiencing new things and travelling and after being away for a year and living away from home for two years prior, I know there is nothing like coming back home and being with my lovely mommy and daddy. Me and my sister were always told to look after each other and care for each other, now we are so close, Georgia is probably one of my best friends.

There is so much I owe to my dad and me and my sister are incredibly lucky to have him.

Missing you Daddy! Happy fathers’ day! xxxxxxxx

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