What I have learnt from my Year Abroad #2

What I have learnt from my Year Abroad #2

Sometimes it’s ok to break the housemate rule.

When I tell people how I met my boyfriend most people cringe and shake their head and can’t believe that we could have a relationship living together from day 1, but it has always worked perfectly for us. Of course it was a hard decision to make, because it’s an all or nothing situation, but now looking back, I’m incredibly happy that we went for it.

Having a boyfriend from a different country is a tricky one. Luckily we can both communicate in each other’s languages comfortably, but of course there are times when we miss subtleties and jokes, when we just can’t quite remember that word we want to say, awkward family get-togethers and desperately wanting to make a good impression and get your personality across when your language skills aren’t quite perfect, but that’s all part of it.

Mostly, it’s been a wonderful thing. It means moving back here after graduation becomes more of a reality, with a degree in Spanish and Catalan, who would say no to living in Barcelona? At least for a few years anyway.

I have learnt so much this year about politics and culture of Catalonia and completely fallen in love with the place, all thanks to my boyfriend. Being completely integrated into the culture means there are things I have seen and experienced this year that makes my Year Abroad a very special one.

There are so many things about Catalan culture that I adore, the importance of food, the celebrations and festivals, the way they all come together, as a community and a family. For me, the highlights have been making Pa amb tomaquet a weekly meal and the Festa Major in Reus, which I am soon to write a post about!


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