Ikibana: Restaurant review

Taken from http://retaildesignblog.net/ (Click through to original page)

Ony last night in Barcelona I went for a gorgeous meal with my boyfriend at a Japanese/Brazilian fusion restaurant. It’s somewhere we pass almost everyday and the outside looks so beautiful I have always been curious. I didn’t realise it was fusion until I saw it written on the menu, but even looking through the things on the menu I would have been none the wiser. It was more like jazzed up sushi with fruit/caramelised onions/jalapeños, a refreshing change to the standard japanese menu I know so well.

It was just as beautiful on the inside, with lots of wood and flowers.

Taken from http://retaildesignblog.net/ (Click through to original page)

We chose a few dishes to share.


A sushi and sashimi assortment platter. Tuna, salmon and yellowtail sashimi on the right. On the left, starting from the top, 1. avocado, spicy mayo, mango and salmon roe maki, 2. Crispy fried maki roll with a jalapeño beef tartarte, 3. Salmon, mango and spicy mayo with kiwi slices and mango sauce, 4. Avocado and mango with salmon and caramelised onion. They were all variations on the same idea but all very different and so delicious. This was the best plate of sushi I have ever eaten and I could have had it all to myself!

IMG_5919 (2)

Next we had maki rolls with tempura prawn, salmon and caramelised onion which was also really lovely. We later had pork gyozas in a smoked mushroom soup, but I forgot to photograph that as I was too busy munching away.

All the plates were beautifully presented and the food was incredible quality. When you eat raw fish with very few simple flavours you can really tell.

The service was also wonderful and all of the waiters were very friendly and once they realised I wasn’t Catalan started apologising and talking to me in English..

We got two desserts to share as lots of the things on the menu looked lovely.



First the ‘cervesa’ which was a Crema Catalana foam with thyme on a mandarin jelly. The second was a dark chocolate and toffee sponge with banana ice cream. Both were very lovely but I am much more into savoury than sweet, so next time I probably would just pick another plate of sushi instead! Or a cocktail from the beautiful bar, which was covered in bird of paradise flowers.

I would absolutely recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Barcelona. It’s tourist friendly, with incredible food, a lovely atmostphere and great service, what more could you expect from a restaurant?

It is not a cheap restaurant, so not an every week kinda thing, but perfect and affordable every now and again for special occasions. I had a fantastic evening here and hopefully will visit again!

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