My 21st Birthday!

I absolutely love birthdays and my family always makes it really special for me. I’ve never been the kind of person to have tons of friends so I’ve often had small garden type parties as the sun is usually out, but this year I wanted to do something a little more special and on a small scale. I found out that the Lion King west end cast were touring and thought that it would be the perfect thing to do with some of my close girl friends. We went to see the show and then for dinner and cocktails and a boogie. I had a really really fun night and the show was incredible.

A few days later my boyfriend from Barcelona arrived to celebrate my birthday with me. On Saturday night we were taken out with my family to my favourite restaurant in the world, La Becasse in Ludlow. I originally intended to book a table in the regular dining room but as it was all booked up we were offered the Vault experience so we gave that a go. The Vault wasn’t as scary as it sounds.. We started off with cocktails in the lounge and then were lead through the dining room, which is like a living room in a gorgeous old house, through to what looked like the cellars. They opened the huge doors and there were 3 small tables looking onto the kitchen through huge windows. The experience was special, not only because we could see the chefs preparing the food, but because Will Holland, the head chef, came out and explained to us what the dish was and why it was put together. There were 12 impressive ‘surprise’ courses, each paired with a wine that complimented and clashed the dishes perfectly. My favourite dish had goats cheese, balsamic vinegar, raspberries and gingerbread. At the end we each got a printed menu and I got mine signed as I am a bit of a chef geek. As a food obsessive who will follow any food industry related tv show, blog and book, I absolutely loved the experience, the restaurant is amazing anyway, but being able to see the kitchen and getting one on one chats with the chef about the food was such a great insight and made me even more interested and of course it felt that extra bit special. The food was of an out of this world good and I loved the citrus flavours that ran through a lot of the dishes.

The next day I woke up to some very lovely surprise presents from my family and boyfriend! My mom is always great at surprises and I was definitely spoiled this year. I also got some lovely gifts from my friends earlier in the week. Thank you so much to anyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, sent me a card or bought me a gift. I’m so grateful and I had such a wonderful time.

Me and my boyfriend also went to London to see a Derren Brown show. We decided to go up in the day, go to the Natural History Museum and have a quick dinner in Covent Garden before heading to the theatre. We ate at Wahaca which is mexican street food. We had steak tacos, chicken chipotle quesadillas and guacamole of course. They specialised in 100% agave tequila so I had a passionfruit margherita. Derren Brown was as clever and unbelievable as always… I’m a sceptic so I don’t believe anything really happened but I always want to know how he did it!

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