Restaurant Review: Wagamama


I went to Wagamama for the first time in over 10 years and absolutely loved it. I couldnt believe I had missed out for so long as it is so my kind of place. I usually go to Yo! Sushi when in Birmingham but after eating it too much in a week me and my sister decided to go here for lunch mid-shop instead.
It is the ideal place to go for lunch as the service is super fast and the food isn’t too heavy.
We chose the bento box meal, which had a small salad, edamame beans and your choice of katsu curry and gyoza. These are the things that I normally choose at Yo! Sushi so I knew I would enjoy it.
I had chicken katsu curry and duck and hoi sin gyoza which were delicious. I also chose the super green juice which was Apple, celery and mint.
It cost £10 including a fresh juice of your choice which I thought was a good deal as I would normally spend about this much for lunch out in Birmingham having sushi or at Pizza Express etc
I would love to go back and try it at dinner time as there were some other things on the menu that caught my eye.

I love the casual style, the fast service and the price. The food was so delicious too!


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