Recipe: twice cooked sweet potato fries with parmesan and herb dressing and a yoghurt dip

I haven’t done a recipe post for a while and as I was rustling up this snack earlier I thought I would take a few photos. These fries are fab for a snack or as an accompaniment to some grilled meat or fish or even a burger! I love using sweet potato as they have such a lovely flavour and are more guilt-free than regular potatoes (and quicker to cook).

The first step is to cut up your potato into strips, these work better thin as they don’t crisp up as much as regular potatoes. I peeled mine as the skin was looking a bit gross but I have made them with the skin on and they are just as good if not better! I used one large potato for one portion.


Microwave your raw chips for about a minute to soften them. Heat up some oil in a pan, I used very light olive oil as it was all I had but peanut oil, coconut oil or rapeseed oil would also be great. Something pure and that has a very high heat tolerance.


When they are golden take them out and drain them. While they are still hot shake on some garlic powder or any seasoning of your choice. When they are cool, put the oil back on the heat and fry the chips again. This ‘twice cooked’ method makes them extra crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle and is really worth the extra few minutes.



Sprinkle on some parmesan and some dried parsley or rosemary while they fries are still warm. Parmesan or any other hard cheese works best as it is more of a seasoning, rather than melty cheese.

The yoghurt dip is super simple, just mix paprika and lime juice into greek yoghurt and serve!

There you go, a quick and reasonably healthy snack without missingĀ out!

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