5 product face

I recently uploaded a few makeup tutorials on my YouTube channel and the majority of the feedback I got from friends was ‘wow you use so many products’, I understand that the average girl isn’t a beauty addict like myself and doesn’t want to be messing around with contour creams and eyeliner gels, so here is my simple, fool-proof, 5 product face!

Firstly, prep your skin with moisturiser and primer. I used KIKO’s city filter as it has SPF50, which may seem a little high, but will soak in during the day. Its so important to protect your face at least, even if its only slightly sunny. All about wrinkle prevention.


This is a super light concealer but it does a good job. I would normally apply concealer after foundation but I am using a mineral powder I apply it first as it doesn’t sit well over powder.


If you haven’t tried mineral powder foundation before, give it a go. There is incredible coverage but it actually looks like skin. You can see a natural sheen (not cakey) but gives you a perfect complexion.



This is kind of cheating as it is two products, but they basically do the same thing! Clear brow gel is necessary to keep them in place all day and this mascara wins every time for me!


As you can see this blush is a bit old and bashed about and I have no clue what brand it is or where I even bought it, but I love it. It is matte and I use it for the colour, a dark plummy pink will contour your cheeks and give you a healthy flush at the same time, without using a separate bronzer.


Finally, my fave, my neutral MAC quad. The shades (clockwise) are Era, Charcoal Brown, Embark and Naked Lunch. I use the quad as a whole eye look, for eyeshadow, contouring, highlighting and as an eyeliner! You’ll have to watch the video to see how I did it…..


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