Restaurant Review: Adams in Birmingham

After London, Birmingham has the most Michelin starred restaurants in the UK. Adam’s is one of them.
Me and my family went to celebrate my dad’s 50th birthday and we had a lovely time. We are all massive foodies and have been to other Michelin star restaurants for special occasions and Adam’s stands up, it might even be my favourite.

It is located in the city centre just off Colmore Row, a trendy young professional area full of bars and restaurants. Inside, the restaurant is tiny with about 50 covers, yet with high ceilings it didn’t seem cramped. The decor was beautiful and we were seated straight away.
I had a Kir Royale to start as I was celebrating my degree results, it was nice to see that they had a good cocktail menu, to my sisters delight, as she doesn’t like wine.
On Friday and Saturday evenings there is only one menu on offer, which is a 9 course tasting menu. My sister doesn’t eat fish or seafood and they happily adjusted the menu for her, even printing out a special one with different dishes, for example duck instead of the monkfish course.

Before the meal started there were a few amuse bouche, or ‘snacks’ as they were called, which were all delightful. First of all a beetroot meringue with a goats cheese cream


I could have eaten them all day! Such an intense flavour, melt in your mouth, drops of heaven.
It was followed by a spoon of pigs trotter, eel and bacon jam. Next, a light taste of potato and peas, served inside a cute pea pod!

My dad and I got the wine pairing to go with our meals, which I always really enjoy, even if I do leave feeling rather tipsy! A wine pairing is when you get a glass of wine with each course, which has been matched by the sommelier to go alongside the flavours of the dish. When you get a good match, the wine even enhances the flavours. The sommelier comes over to the table before the course starts, pours your glass, introduces the wine and explains why he has paired it. In my opinion it really adds to the experience of fine dining, I love wine and the sommelier (and his lovely assistant) at Adam’s were spot on!

One of my favourite dishes was the monkfish and ox cheek. It had a really vinegar/ mirin type flavour, making it almost japanese tasting. The fennel was sharp and it was sitting in an octopus stock, fragrant yet subtle.

I absolutely loved the next course, the lamb with girolles, but I ate it too quickly to take a photo as it smelt and looked so incredible!

Peaches ‘n cream is definitely worth a mention as I thought it was a great idea. It was described to us as a ‘transitional course’ and had poached peaches with foie gras, which perfectly made the leap from a salty and meaty lamb course, to a rich sweet chocolate course.

The ‘dark chocolate‘ was amazing. The presentation was lovely and everything on the plate tasted incredible alone and even better together. The earl grey ice cream melted into the orange sponge and the chocolate ganache was perfectly offset with a sharp orange sauce.

Finally, my favourite flavour combination came back to finish the meal.

Goats cheese and sharp red fruits are the perfect accompaniments and the cherries and goats curd course was just delicious. Even though it was a dessert, it wasn’t too sweet. It came with hazlenuts, a ‘dehyrated milk foam’, fancy.


I was actually quite sad when I realised that the courses had finished. The portion sizes were just right, I felt comfortably full but not stuffed.

We were given a tray of delicious petit fours, the black pepper and dark chocolate square was crazy! Georgia had another cocktail… and we made our way home.

I am so keen to go back to Adam’s! The service was great, all of the staff had the perfect balance between joking and chatting to you and leaving you alone, which really makes a difference to your experience. The waitors and sommeliers were really clued up and clearly had a passion for what they were doing. When we arrived there was a card on the table for my dad, which had been signed by the chef, a really nice touch.

The food was all perfect. There was not one course which I didn’t like or doubted, everything went perfectly together and was cooked perfectly. There were things I hadn’t tried and liked and things that I love which were executed in interesting ways.

Michelin dining isn’t cheap and is for special occasions, however, you pay for the quality, the innovation and the service and at Adam’s you definitely get your moneys worth.

I can’t wait to go back soon… perhaps for my birthday in July!

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