The time I went veggie..

So, nope. I’m not a veggie. But I did go to a veggie restaurant last night, which is something I never thought would happen. My boyfriend and I took his mother who is a veggie and we were all blown away by the vast amount of delicious options on the menu.

1847 in the Great Western Arcade on Colmore Row is a lovely little restaurant which is completely veggie. They do an a-la-carte menu and a vegetarian or vegan tasting menu with 5 or 7 courses. We went for the vegetarian 5 course tasting menu and each had a glass of wine from their extensive menu. They even do cocktails which looked fab.

The first course was a cucumber gazpacho, followed by quinoa falafel with a Moroccan flavour. Next a potato and onion fritatta and a stilton mac n cheese. I don’t eat blue cheese and they were more than happy to swap this out for another dish on the menu. The dessert was a chocolate brownie cake. 





The restaurant is pretty small and has quite a casual bistro vibe. The service was also great. I had a really good evening – the general atmosphere is great and the food was lovely. I think I would go back, but maybe after a good steak!

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