My favourite kitchen tool




I had seen ‘courgetti’ on Instagram on countless occasions and since I love courgettes, I thought I’d give it a go. I saw this julienne peeler from Oxo in a cook shop and snapped it up. It’s an inexpensive way to try out the spiralizing world before investing in a bigger machine… which is next on my list!

I made the courgetti and meatball dish above by spiralizing the courgette, simply by applying a bit of pressure and running the peeler down the courgette. I sauteed it until it went soft and flexible with a little oil. I then sealed my homemade beef meatballs, removed them from the pan and then fried up some red onion and garlic, splashed in red and wine and added a can of chopped tomatoes and left to simmer with the meatballs back in. It’s a great alternative to pasta (the delicious enemy) but can also be used to create a lovely crunchy salad with carrots and peppers and courgettes.

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