Christmas Chai Tea Cookies


To get in the Christmas mood, a friend and I spent the afternoon watching Christmas films and baking these delicious cookies. Chai tea seemed like the perfect flavouring – smokey, spicy and warm, along with a sweet vanilla icing.




– 125g unsalted butter
– 125g caster sugar
– 1 egg, slightly beaten
– 3 tablespoons of chai tea leaves (or any tea you fancy)
– 350g plain flour
– 100g self raising flour

Mix the sugar and butter, then the crushed up tea leaves, add eggs and mix in the flour until you get a dough. We made another batch with the same recipe, but replaced chai for vanilla.

Roll it out on a floured surface and punch out with cookie cutters or cut shapes freehand or around a glass.



When they are cool you can ice them.

Make the icing with a couple of heaped tablespoons of icing sugar, vanilla extract and a few splashes of water. It needs to be really thick, it works best by putting a blob on the middle of the shape and spreading it around with a hot knife. We used colour icing as the base and added extra decoration with white icing and a piping bag.






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