New Year’s Resolutions

Read 1 book a month
Reading has never been part of my routine, but I would like to read more. A mix of fiction and non-fiction, English and Spanish or Catalan. It’s a great way to relax, to learn more and to look at something other than a screen!

Make more of the weekends
When you work Monday-Friday, weekends turn into naps on the sofa and binge watching tv with the occasional pop into town or cheeky takeaway. I want to make more of weekends, even if it’s just going out to a food fair or making plans with friends, or visiting one of the many, many places in the UK that I’m still to visit.

Streamline ‘uneccesary’ purchases
I’ve spent a lot of this year really defining what my style is and I’ve definitely invested in key pieces such as a beautiful blazer and some gorgeous timeless shoes and boots. I’ve stocked my wardrobe with simple and flattering day-to-night, work and play dresses, basics such as black and white blouses, a handful of v-neck tees, a couple of good quality jumpers and finally found a pair of jeans that look great and last a reasonable amount of washes!
Big success for my wardrobe this year.
However, before I give myself a medal, something I’ve not been good at is buying into trends too quickly and or buying clothes that I love – but unfortunately, I don’t love on me. My goal for 2016 is to cut that down – buy into new shapes or prints, but in ways that are very wearable. I’d love to have a simple wardrobe that I can update with a few pieces each season, but I’m currently stuffing everything in, hoping it doesn’t explode.

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