Flat tour: how we furnished from scratch and creating art

Three month ago, I moved to Spain with my fiance. We found the perfect flat to move in to, it’s light and airy, well located and it has plenty of space… The only catch was that it was completely empty. Unless it was screwed onto the wall, it wasn’t there, not even a fridge or washing machine. Thank the lord for IKEA, or we may still be living on cardboard boxes and folding chairs.

The floors in our apartment are all wooden and varnished, except they are a very warm colour, meaning we have chosen a lot of dark and neutral furniture to offset this, which I think works well, especially as the rooms are flooded with light during the day. There is quite a masculine, minimalist, neutral theme to the shared areas, which I think is really chic and modern. I have talked through the items, and my thought process behind how we decorated below. You can watch my flat tour here:

All of the art in the house was painted by me, it was really important for me to have art on the walls, but it is expensive to buy and frame the kind of pieces that I wanted, so I decided to have a go myself and I’m pleased with how it turned out. The best thing about doing this (apart from saving hundreds) is that I could create exactly what I wanted for each room.

The lounge/dining is my favourite room in the flat, with an L shaped balcony that wraps around it. The room is quite big, so I wanted to maximise this space by choosing items that didn’t block the light, the glass shelving is perfect for this as it looks as though the items are floating. The coffee table, doesn’t take up a lot of room visually, despite being quite large. For this reason, I wanted a sofa that worked in the middle of the room and this beautiful L-shaped sofa (made to order, not IKEA) is the perfect centre-point, not to mention super deep and comfy. After we had chosen this, everything else fit into place. There is a strong theme in this room, with lots of black wood and metal, geometric shapes and silver or light coloured accessories. Having plants in the home is a must for me and I love the bright greens against the black and white, and my beautiful shiny dark ficus which stands tall behind the sofa.

I work from home, so it was really important for me to have my own office, and of course, dressing room. I wanted this room to feel girly, so I added in faux fur and hints of pink to go with the stark mirrored accessories and white furniture. We brought the bamboo desk over from the UK, I love the shape of the legs and the way they have added white bands to the top. Getting mirrored wardrobes was a great decision, not only practically (there’s no space elsewhere for a mirror), but also because it reflects so much light back into the room. I already had a lot of beautiful mirrored photo frames from Laura Ashley, which were gifts from my mom. These all sit on the glass shelves which is same as in the living room, but a white frame instead of black. I’m really pleased with this little area, I love being surrounded by photos and trinkets, especially when away from home.

The spare bedroom is fairly small, so we wanted to keep this as minimalist as possible. To achieve this we went for white curtains and furniture, to keep it light and airy. The bedside tables were a great find, as because they sit on a thin stand, they do not appear to take up much space. White bedding is a must, so to jazz this up, this became my ‘souvenirs’ room, with trinkets from my holiday in Mexico on the bedside tables, and cushions from Turkey. The throw is a gorgeous vibrant colour and I handmade the bright pom-poms and attached them, to bring it all together. The cacti on the table just add to this holiday vibe. I love this room, it’s so fun to look at and I hope people enjoy staying there when they visit!

Finally, the master bedroom. This is quite a long room, with the top half behind the door being taken up by a boring wardrobe and the entrance to our en-suite. As we keep most of our stuff in our individual offices, we were able to have a very minimalist space for our bedroom, which we both find extremely calming. In here, there is just a tall dresser, our bed and two bed-side tables. Again I went for ‘drawer-less’ night stands, to maintain a minimalist and airy feel. This room started with the cushion, in an amazing geometric print that people may recognise from IKEA… Everyone has this! I just love this pattern so much, I wanted to get the rug too. My boyfriend fell in love with this dark brown wood colour in IKEA, so we decided to get a huge king size bed with this minimalist frame and the classic MALM dresser. Again, I had to have white bedding, so just added a simple grey throw to keep it looking neat and pretty. I love the way the black, white and dark brown looks in this room. I decided to use copper as the accent colour for accessories, and it works perfectly between the monochrome and warm wood. I even used a metallic copper paint for the canvas above the bed, which I think is perfect for the room.

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